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Colusa County CAPC - Community Advocates for Parents & Children serves as the designated Child Abuse Prevention Council for the County of Colusa. As a local non-profit community-based agency, our goal is to help build a strong community by building strong families one at a time.

Our dedicated Board of Directors meets regularly to discuss program-specific information and to ensure that programs and services are aligned with the core mission and vision of CAPC. Each Board Member brings a unique element to the table and actively participates in valuable discussion. By having representation of individuals that are a part of various other local family-serving agencies, collaboration is streamlined.

Our non-profit agency operates off of State and Federal dollars, such as Community Based Child Abuse Prevention Funds (CBCAP), Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Dollars (CAPIT), Promoting Safe & Stable Families Funding (PSSF), local Children's Trust Fund Dollars, and more. We are an active 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

In 2016, our agency opened a Family Resource Center and developed a plan to implement direct services through programming that supported the 5 Protective Factors of the Family Strengthening Framework. Over the course of the last few years, our focus has become a great asset in providing Parenting Education and community outreach to spread awareness of child abuse, how to know the signs, how to report, and how to PREVENT it in our Community. 

We value a Preventative approach in all of our programs and are here to truly support and strengthen parents and families in our community. We know that parents struggle the most in the absence of the Village and we strive to be the support for all families, regardless of their current situation. 

Child Safety


Child abuse is preventable and it is up to US to stand up and make a difference! We help empower people to take risks that can keep children safe by providing outreach and training to individuals and groups on best practices for working with children and how to identify when someone is crossing a child's boundaries. If you are interested in learning more about trainings that we offer, please click Learn More below.

If you know of or suspect abuse of a child, do not hesitate to call and make a report! A Social Worker is available 24/7 in our County by calling 530.458.0280. If you are unsure what qualifies as abuse, learn more by visiting our Child Abuse Page or our Resources Page that has a lot of very valuable information on the types and symptoms of Child Abuse, various ways to make a report, and what you should do if a child discloses abuse to you.

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Community Outreach:

We offer customized, educational presentations for parents, community members and local agencies on topics that support the prevention of child abuse.

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Parenting Education

We offer various parenting education programs that can be customized to fit your needs. Parenting Ed programs are available in person or virtually with English and Spanish options. Programs geared towards parents of all ages!

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Children's Programs

We believe in providing children opportunities to socialize with peers, early learning activities, and fun projects!

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Girls on Bicycles

We build on family's strengths by increasing 5 Protective Factors.

Parental Resilience

Parental resilience is the ability to manage and bounce back from all types of challenges that emerge in every family's life.

Concrete Support

Services and supports that provide stability, treatment, and help for families to thrive.

Social-Emotional Competence of Children

A child or youth's ability to self-regulate and manage emotions reduces extra stress on families. With appropriate expectations and opportunities to practice skills, children can learn more about regulation.

The 5 Protective Factors

Social Connections

Building positive relationships with other parents can provide emotional support and advice or just someone to listen.

Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development

Having accurate information and appropriate expectations for children's behavior at ever age gives parents an understanding of their children's behavior and promotes healthy relationships and development.

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