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We believe that Community can support parents to bring families into a state of thriving, where all families are supported to meet their full potential, in environments that allow and support children to meet their full potential. We believe that agencies and organizations that work with families should collaborate and build positive relationships to wrap families in supportive services and assist them in accessing resources. We strive to build connections with our colleagues and work together, rather than individually.


Through our Strengthening Community Collaborative, we have built strong Inter-Agency Agreements with various other organizations to expedite referral processes, connect families with an actual person in a different department, and ease the hand-off of services. This Collaborative meets twice per year and is comprised of 40 representatives of various family-serving agnecies in Colusa County. If you are interested in collaborating and learning about what other programs are offering, contact our office to be included in our Collaborative!


Education is a big piece of what we do. We educate to inform of preventative practices to keep children safe and to support families in our community. To do this, we have various trainings available to our partner agencies and staff of various topics, including but not limited to:


- Child Abuse Prevention - Know the Signs!

- Mandated Reporter and Child Abuse Reporting Training

- Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (tailored to program setting and audience)

- Family Strengthening/Protective Factors Framework 

We enjoy participating in Community Outreach Events to promote prevention awareness and start the conversation that child abuse is preventable AND how we can all take part in prevention. 

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